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Crafting precise pharmaceutical custom formulas

Unlock personalized health solutions with our custom formulas in the pharma industry. Experience innovation and effectiveness combined for better patient outcomes. Your path to precision medicine starts here.
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Our functional and delicious gummies are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you prefer pectin or gelatin formulations, our team can work with you to find the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and ingredients. Our gummies are made using only the highest quality ingredients, and we carefully test and control every step of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent results. With a wide variety of flavors, shapes, sizes, and colors available, we can help you create a unique product that stands out in a crowded market.


Our softgels are available in both vegetarian and gelatin formulations, and we offer a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and coating options to help you create a unique product that stands out. Our softgel capabilities provide optimal stability of active ingredients, ensuring that your products maintain their potency throughout their shelf life. Additionally, our softgels are designed to enhance bioavailability and absorption, making them a popular choice for customers who are looking for fast and effective delivery of nutrients and active ingredients.


We’re proud to offer a wide variety of nutritional delivery systems to meet your specific formulation and manufacturing needs. This includes traditional dosage forms such as hard capsules and tablets. We have the expertise and capabilities to create products that are tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you need to duplicate an existing formula or develop a new one from scratch, our team of experts is here to help.

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